Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Welcome to Pause for the Cause: Our Team's Learning Space

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Pause for the Cause, the digital place where we--this year's What's the Story? team--will get to know each other better as we make sense of how we and our learners are doing. We'll share this single blog, which provides a couple important advantages. First, I can be Blog Master (#43 on my bucket list), orchestrating how we use this space and lending a hand as people occasionally need one. Also, once we get the hang of how to share / communicate in this space, we'll become more interdependent & interconnected. This will help us tap more deeply into our collective wisdom.

Rather than doing more explaining, let's just begin!

The Blog Master's First Provocation: By the end of Friday, October 9, please:

1.  Make a Post
  • To make a post, look at the upper right hand corner of the blog screen (way up there in small print)  and you'll see: "New Post." Click on that there thing. 
2.  Title Your Post 
  • Let's all go with the same format / title: "My Name's Opening Volley" (example: Bill Rich's Opening Volley)
3.  Post a Photo in Your Post
4. Write and Publish a Response to These Three Questions
  • Remind all of us, in a single paragraph: Who are you, where do you teach, and what's your role on this team?
  • If you're new to the team this year, what's it been like so far kicking off this experience? If you're a veteran, what's this year's kickoff been like for you?
  • What are your current top three "Ah-Has" & top three "I Wonders"?
As you make make posts in this, please keep in mind our purpose and audience.
Our purpose: to take the time to write our emerging conceptions of this experience so we can make informed mid-course adjustments based on our collective wisdom.
Our audience: us, along with Dixie and Tom McKenna. 

It's important to this Blog Master that this be a private space for us, one where we know we can quickly jot down frank entries about how things are going for our learners and us. I want us posing our tough questions and digging into the details of the work. That said, a year's worth of these kinds of reflections will be something Dixie and I will, at times, be excerpting (with your permission) to get the word out there about who we are and what we're doing. (She's the master of this; we're in good hands!)

If I can lend a hand, please email (redhouselearning@gmail.com) or give a call (578-9786).

Your Blog Master

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