Saturday, October 31, 2015

Reflecting about Our First Overnight Experience

Hi Everyone,

Here are directions for posting a reflection about out overnight experience at Common Ground with our WtS? learners and team.

1.  To Make a Post
  • To make a post, look at the upper right hand corner of the blogscreen (way up there in small print)  and you'll see: "New Post." Click on that there thing. 
2.  Title Your Post 
  • Let's all go with the same format / title: "My Name's Halloween Weekend Reflection" (example: Bill Rich's Halloween Weekend Reflection).
3. Write and Publish a Response to These Three Questions
  • What are a couple highlights from this extended time together? (Looking for specific moments here.)
  • What are your current top three "Ah-Has" & top three "I Wonders"?
  • One of the Middlebury fund raisers is working up a proposal to get us more resources. She's wondering about your sense of "Bread-Loafness" of WtS? and "how Vermont BLTN is exploring new ground in portfolio-based, student-initiated learning." Any thoughts for her?
  • Finally: anything else you'd like to convey about this, our first of three overnights, that might help us make things work even better next time? 


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