Thursday, January 7, 2016

Mid-Year Pause for the Cause

Hi Everyone,

By noon of this Sunday (January 10), please:

Make a Post
  • To make a post, look at the upper right hand corner of the blog screen (way up there in small print)  and you'll see: "New Post." Click on that there thing.
Title Your Post 
  • Let's all go with the same format / title: "My Name's Mid-Year Pause for the Cause" (example: Bill Rich's Mid-Year Pause for the Cause).
Write and Publish a Response to These Three Questions

1. Looking Back
Please describe a couple bright spots (successes--small or big--that you're feeling particularly positive about) from this year's course work so far, and pose a couple wonders / pressing questions you have.

2. Upcoming Overnight
Here is the agenda or our January 16 - 17 overnight. Please review this and provide feedback: What do you like and what questions / wonders you have about this agenda?

3. Message to Future WtS? Colleagues
We're in the process of recruiting colleagues to join us next year. It would be helpful if each of you wrote a couple paragraphs in response to this question: What's it like to be part of the WtS? team, and how is it impacting your thinking about teaching, collaborating, and/or learning? 

If I can lend a hand, please email ( or give a call (578-9786).

Tim, Colleen, Bob and I look forward to reading your posts this Sunday afternoon!


Bill Rich (aka Blog Master)

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