Sunday, November 29, 2015

Notable Student Quotes from Blog #1 of Phase Two

"I have realized that I am constantly trying to engage myself in situations where I can gain a better understanding of other people's view on the subject. Whenever I get the chance to talk to students about education, I always flood them with questions; even though I don’t have all the recording equipment to do official interviews" - Alexa Widschwenter (11/15/15)

" My thinking has evolved in ways that I might not be able see.  I already knew about this topic, but I know now what a big issue that this is.  I did not know about all of the different sides that should be examined, and talked about.  Even with just having the overnight to work on it with my group, I can look at it with a much broader understanding of what needs be thought about and brought into the light. " - Marianna Barrett (11/15/15, regarding her DCF/Foster Care work)

"Instead my thinking is changing in the logistical sense, when I went into the overnight I was a lone wolf, going at this alone. By the end of the day however I was joined by four other people who are passionate for the issue and now everything is changing." - Alex Bickart (11/15/15)

"Over the past week and a half, Becca, Fiona and I have been able to cultivate our ideas and focus our thinking towards what message we want to deliver to our audiences. "We not They" "Dissolving binary boundaries" and "establishing that there are more than one gender" are just a few of the ideas that we've been circulating. Among this progress, we've been starting to talk about the structure of our film and particular aspects we want to include. In our most recent meeting we discussed our hook and different b-roll film we want to get and how we might go about filming that." - Eva Rocheleau (11/15/15)

"During the meeting we discovered that the answers we are looking for are not simply on the internet. No one has done what we want to do. In order to accomplish much of anything we need to do more than look on the easy-access internet. The information we need is not there. The information we need is in the people who made this decision and the people who are affected by this decision. In order to go anywhere with this topic we must contact people, or else we will have little to no information...Overall, the topic our group has chosen is new, so we are the ones who are going to figure out the story, not the internet. Because of that, I really like our topic, it affects all people and it’s not an easy one to do because it’s never been done before, which is good, because why bother to do it if it’s already been done? " - Emily Pecsock (11/15/15)

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