Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Notable Quotes from 11/29/15 Blog Posts

"My thinking about this topic still intrigues me and I want to know more. The complexity of my ideas has changed because I am continuing to learn more and realizing the depth of my misunderstanding as well. What I would really like to continue with is going down as many different paths and keep the project from snowballing into something that becomes difficult to handle." - Brennan Bordonaro (11/29/15)

"[Brandon Stanton] said that interviewers need to"be the vehicle through which people can tell their story how they want". That will be very important to remember, particularly for a topic like the one that our group is working with. Everyone has a story relating to gender/LGBTQ+ equality, they just might need a bit of prompting to share it." - Becca Cottrell (11/29/15)

"Additionally, multiple people have mentioned that it will be hard to be unbiased when doing our interview, but we really must. We all have a very strong opinion, but we must keep those opinions to ourselves while we are doing our interview because even though we are only in eighth and tenth grade, we are still going in as professionals." - Emily Pecsock (11/29/15)

"After reviewing all of the resources, a lot of what I have learned about storytelling was reinforced, yet my new thinking will definitely help improve this project. I have already learned about what makes a story worth telling and reading in memoirs class, but these resources helped me think about how I can apply that learning to this class...We are going to have to hold each other accountable and make sure we check-in with each other often; communications will be key in other words. Through the interviewing process, my goals are to find unique and thought-provoking questions and to persevere to find the best connections and stories. Like most of the people in the resources provided this week said, you have to keep trying and work to find the best stories, and at the same time it is important to enjoy the process of doing the work. " - Indigo Woods (11/29/15)

"Ira [Glass] also goes on to talk about how his interviews and radio stories; how his writing and use of language evolve into something that is worth listening to and that he is proud of.  This is helping me realize that even if our project and our goals change, that could be for the better." - Jack Waterman (11/29/15)

"Another important thing to remember that my group hasn't focused on so much yet is the stakes. The stakes in a story is just a slightly broader term for the conflict, or the problem that needs to be resolved. The development of most good stories goes along with a conflict, and a documentary like we are going to make is no different." - Jacob Parker (11/29/15)

"I also learned that it is important to focus on the past, present, and the future. To not just dwell in the past, whether it was a good past or not." - Lydia Charbonneau (11/29/15)

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