Saturday, May 7, 2016

Colleen - May 7, 2016

So we are wrapping up our 2015-2016 What's the Story? I cannot believe how far this course has come in just a year.

This  year some highlights have been...
     1. Last night. The viewing of each group's documentary was absolutely amazing. A celebration. 'Nuff said.

   2. Last night when Adrienne said, "as terrifying and intimidating as they were, I loved doing the was a novel way for me to conduct research." What a huge transformation for her. So exciting to see and hear.

  3.  Late night conversations with my colleagues. This experience has allowed me to connect with teachers outside my school, and this has been so important to my growth as an educator.

Some challenges...

   1. As I alluded to in my "I am the one who..." writing prompt, it is difficult for me to teach students who I do not see on a regular basis. Human interaction is hugely important to building relationships, and I've struggled to form teacher-student relationships with students I do not see daily.

  2. A lot of chefs in the kitchen. There are a lot of talented and passionate teachers in this program. Often, this is a great thing and makes our work better. Sometimes, it feels like too many chefs in the kitchen. But that's okay. Just like our students have had to learn how to work in a group, so have I.

Next year...I hope some Mt. Abe students will be involved. If so, I hopefully can be an in-building contact person for those students.

Thank you all for a great year. I think we all know where we can grow and change, and we've been lucky enough to experience some huge successes. Cheers!

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