Saturday, May 7, 2016

Final Reflection of the WTS 2015 - 2016 Team Experience

Hello Team,

Writing this while watching our learners settle into their final breakfast together here in Starksboro at the Common Ground Center. We had a wonderful afternoon / evening yesterday. Today we'll continue to invite our learners to reflect on their learning; we'll also ask them to provide more feedback about their experience and how we can refine WTS to make it even better next year. We'd also like to ask you to post a final reflection for this year that responds to these prompts.

1. When you look back over this year’s experience, what are 2 - 3 of your favorite things about being part of the WtS Team?

2. Please describe one or two specific anecdotes that convey your best experiences with this year’s WtS learners.  

3. What are 2 - 3 challenges / irritations of being part of the WtS Team this year?

3. As we head into this summer, we’ll be looking to make an even stronger WtS Team, and we’re interested in learning whether, and to what degree, you’d like to continue with the team. In this upcoming round, we’ll have more flexibility this year to create a variety of ways for individuals--Bread Loafers and non Bread Loafers--to join our team and serve our learners. Would you like to remain on our team, and if so, please describe bullet / list the way(s) you’d like to contribute to our team?

4. If you’d like to continue with our team, will you be around this summer and/or able to contribute to the refining / re-designing?

5. Finally, please share any lingering ideas / questions about this year’s and/or next year’s experience being a member of the WtS Team.

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