Monday, March 7, 2016

Kate's March Pause for the Cause

  • Overall, how did today go, and what was the vibe by the time the session ended?
  • What support / help do you and your students need from us?
  • On April 2, we hope that each team can present their works in progress to receive peer feedback. What do you anticipate your team bringing?

The Act 77 Group is an excited and highly functioning group; on Saturday, they were eager to start working together right away. And they did, working predominantly on their own for the day.

They finished their final footage for the documentary--interviewing each other about Act 77/What's the Story. They reviewed Ella's draft of the website and Jacob's current construction of the documentary. Alexa also decided to write a letter that requests administrator's across the state show their documentary to their teachers as a way to foster dialogue about how schools are/will live up to Act 77's vision.

Each students designated their own individual plan, and I am confident they will seek support from us when they need it.

On the April 2nd date, I anticipate the group presenting an near final stage of their documentary, website, and letter to administrators.

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