Sunday, March 6, 2016

Ben's March Pause for the Cause

Saturday was a good and productive day. It really helped that, after an hour of us tslking at them and having them read through the letters and KUDs, they got the opportunity to get messy, talk, get their hands dirty with working, and just be free. The Solsr group made a lot of progress. However, as indigo said, we need to make sure we keep this momentum going. I'm trying to get them to meet for at least an hour again sometime this week to build on their momentum. At this point, they're still not ready to tackle the other menu items, but we'll monitor that progress.

I don't think we need anything other than the time, space and freedom to work.

On April 2nd, I would expect that my group has a draft (probably a VERY rough draft) of their video.


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