Sunday, March 6, 2016

Courtney's March Reflection

The Emergency Dispatching Group seems to have a fairly clear path forward.  Each member has taken ownership of one product, and there is one student doing most of the editing of the video.  I think the logistical reality that only one student can be the main video editor was causing a rift in this group, but the additional products seem to have allowed for all the students to take ownership over something meaningful, which is helping everyone feel that his/her work is valued, I think.  These additional products might actually be the glue that brings this group together in the end. 

I think this group will need support in two ways: They will need deadline reminders and we could continue to push them in a constructive way to see that their work is their very best.  I will work with one student in particular to make sure she understands the task before her. 

On April 2, our group will be ready to show a draft (maybe close to finished?) of their documentary.  They will also be able to show their website, which will house a variety of other products, which will most likely be in different stages of completion. 

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