Sunday, March 6, 2016

Colleen's March Reflection


Yesterday's work session went very well. Our four DCF students broke out into two groups at the beginning--two students worked on creating a story board for the documentary, while two others watched Tim's tutorial about using Power Director. Immediately the student who is mainly in charge of editing the documentary, felt better about the editing process. The group story boarding generated a lot of great energy around the project and their story board makes me feel like they've really and truly (and FINALLY) solidified their story, purpose, and audience. By the end of the session the group felt organized and energized.  

As usual, Laurie and I have set up a communication plan with the students, and we hope they follow through on that plan. There are deadlines in place (one next Saturday and another a few days later), and hopefully these short term goals and deadlines will help keep the students on track. I find that when a deadline is more than a week away it's easier to procrastinate, so I think these shorter deadlines will be good for our group. I don't think Laurie and I need anything, but further questions may arise from Adrienne in a few weeks, as she gets deeper into the editing process. 

I'm really glad Bill, Tim, and Bob came up with the idea to have students review the KUD. It helps remind everyone why we are here and what we hope each of them will accomplish. 

I believe that the DCF group will have a first draft of their documentary by April 2, and I can't wait to see it! 

Thanks all--what a great day! 


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