Saturday, March 5, 2016

Saturday, March 5 Workshop

Our students had a productive four-hour session today. They were swift and decisive in identifying who needed to work on what project. Before lunch, Adrienne took on the task of learning PowerDirector, which seemed to come easily to her after watching Tim's tutorial video. (Thanks, Tim!) Meanwhile, Marianna and Alex created a storyboard outlining the video documentary, while Lydia drafted an email to WCAX to gauge their interest in the group's story. After lunch, the students projected the storyboard, added to it, and decided what needed to be done to fill in the gaps. They made a to-do list and divided responsibilities. Now, near the end of the session, everyone seems to have a fairly good sense of what's expected of them between now and their next meeting.

In terms of extra help, Adrienne may need more support with PowerDirector down the road, and Lydia may need some extra communication to ensure she stays in the loop. Aside from that, I think we're good for the time being.

Since this is my first time working closely with the DCF group, I'm not familiar with their work pace and so I'm not quite sure what to expect for our April 2 meeting; however, I think we can reasonably hope for a fair amount of narration, both written and voice recorded, that gives a more concrete structure to their work. This should be shared with Adrienne, the point person for video, as early as possible so she has enough time to add and edit video footage in conjunction with it. Overall, the group worked well together today and I look forward to seeing what they've completed by next month.

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