Saturday, March 5, 2016

Emily's Reflection for Saturday, March 5

Hi All,

This has been a great, productive day for "Breaking Binary." The time was so valuable, and the three members of the group collaborative beautifully. It was so cool to see them come together and look at what they have accomplished with pride, and then set themselves goals for the 4 hours. They worked right up to the end, and would have kept going had I let them!

I don't think they need our support over the next few weeks, but I will keep checking over the next few weeks. They have a great documentary, but really high standards...I think they are going to pull it off, and they are aware that they may need to cut part of what they want to do if they can't get to it.

On April 2, this group will have a complete draft of the documentary, a formal letter that will be sent to schools about the documentary, and a website draft. They will be ready for peer feedback, but would love to use the bulk of the 2nd to continue working together on polishing the documentary and finalizing the website. Will they have that time then?

Thanks for making this day work and for organizing so clearly!


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