Monday, August 29, 2016

Kicking Off 2016-2017

Welcome to Pause for the Cause: Our Team's Learning Space

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Pause for the Cause, the digital place where we--this year's What's the Story? team--will make sense of how we and our learners are doing. At certain points throughout this year, we'll pause to consider a few timely prompts to make sure we're in sync with each other and our learners. (Feel free to look back at last year's prompts / posts to get a feel.)

To kickoff this year, please follow these directions for making a post, sharing a photo, task by the end of Tuesday, September 6.

1.  Make a Post
  • To make a post, look at the upper right hand corner of the blog screen (way up there in small print)  and you'll see: "New Post." Click on that there thing. 
2.  Title Your Post 
  • Let's all go with the same format / title: "My Name's Opening Volley" (example: Bill Rich's Opening Volley)
3.  Post a Photo in Your Post
4. Write and Publish a Response to These Three Questions
  • Remind all of us, in a single paragraph: Who are you, where do / did you teach, and what's your role on this team?
  • One of your best summer moments? 
  • What  most excites you about being on this team?

If I can lend a hand, please email ( or give a call (578-9786).

Bill Rich
Director VT-BLTN

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