Sunday, November 13, 2016

November Refelection-Learning to Fly

  • In what ways does WtS serve as a model that helps others think more creatively about how to design learning?

What's The Story gives students the opportunity to design their own learning in a way that support them when their endeavors go well and offers support and guidance at times when they need it most. WtS encourages students to be active thinkers an work collaboratively. This means that they are entrusted to build this rigorous course into their already rigorous lives. Sometimes that's not easy. However, with frequent check ins and feedback, WtS becomes part of our students' routine. They count on each other to build and grow together and they count on their mentors to hold them accountable and offer help when needed.

  • How can our WtS team bring an even more creative approach to how we design, orchestrate, and report our students learning?

I would love to see more of an emphasis placed on a creative element to the work that students are doing. As a lover and teacher of poetry, through conversation I know that many of our students express themselves similarly. I would like to see these elements have a chance to be at the forefront of what some of our students produce.

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